• GRP Tank: corrosion resistant design with strengthening rings and lifting eyes
  • Outlet: female BSP thread (other options available)
  • Pipework: internal valves and pipework pre-installed
  • Pump Installation: single Pump Guide Rail with lifting chain and shackle for easy removal of pumps
  • Galvanised access frame cover
  • Inlet: 110mm or 160mm inlet
  • Level Control: single or double acting floatswitches for reliable control
  • Pumps: single or three phase pumps with vortex impellers

All our pumps are manufactured to the highest British Standards relevant to our industry such as BS12050 Wastewater lifting plants for buildings and sites, BS EN 12056-4:2000 Gravity drainage systems inside buildings and BS EN 752-6:1998 Drain and sewer systems outside buildings.

For customer-specific bespoke Fabrication Instructions click here or contact us at any time to speak to one of our experienced team.

1. The pictures are for diagrammatical purposes only. The finished products may well differ in their design and build.

2. Product development: We reserve the right to alter/ improve our product range from time to time, without prior reference to our customers.

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