We are approved suppliers of the Biodigester range of sewage treatment plant products.

The system is ideal for situations where no mains drainage is available. Air is blown into the treatment plant via an electric compressor which diffuses from the bottom of the central chamber.

The increase in oxygen accelerates the activity of naturally occurring micro organisms that break down and degrade solid waste matter. The air also circulates the matter 24 hours a day to ensure both chambers are fully aerobic and functioning as best as possible.

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Biodigester systems come in a wide variety of sizes and capacities, ranging from the smallest, capable of managing up to a 6 person household, to the largest suitable for up to 36 people.

Other benefits include:

  • Odour free operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple installation
  • Robust construction
  • Simple and inexpensive maintenance
  • 2-5 year emptying interval
  • No underground moving parts

System Performance

The plant is designed to produce an effluent quality of

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand over 5 day period; 20mg/l
  • Suspended Solids; 30mg/l
  • Ammoniacal Nitrogen; 20mg/l

More stringent effluent qualities may also be catered for. The effluent can be discharged to a watercourse or via a soakaway subject to approval. The system complies with the requirements of BS 6297.1983. BIODIGESTER effluent quality is similar to that required from a major sewage treatment works.