*With frequent hose pipe bans over the last ten years, gardeners both domestic and commercial have found it more and more difficult to be able to water their produce and lawns.

*By harvesting rainwater or rerouting the grey-water from bathrooms that would normally be channelled into the sewers, then storing it correctly, it can be used to water the garden or wash cars all year long.

*Here at A&C Pumps Limited we provide design, supply and installation services for all types of bathwater recycling systems and rainwater harvesting systems.

*With many years experience (initially in the manufacture and installation of sewage tanks and pumps), our drainage/mechanical/electrical engineers are fully qualified to carry out a professional installation in a fast and efficient manner. All as per your ordered specification.

*All of our engineers have qualifications relating to this particular mechanical and electrical trade. Ranging from confined working space training to ‘16th Edition’ electrical practice qualification. A&C Pumps are proud to advise that we have achieved membership of the NICEIC.


*The reservoir tanks used to collect and store the grey water or rain water are available in many different sizes. As the above photograph shows, we at A&C Pumps are pleased to advise that we carry a vast stock of pre-manufactured bare tanks for immediate supply. Our tank sizes range from 750mm diameter through to 2500mm diameter with respective volumes of 440 litres per metre through to 4900 litres per metre. All tanks are available in vertical configuration up to a maximum depth of 6m, with the larger diameter tanks also being available in horizontal configuration with a vertical access turret fitted.

*We at A&C Pumps are able to offer equipment from many manufacturers as we are not affiliated to any one in particular. This enables us to offer selected and unbiased pumps that we consider to be of high quality and most competitively priced.

*For domestic purposes we offer pumps selected from the Nocchi range. The photographs above illustrate the Nocchi Pura pump and a Nocchi Press Control which automates the switching of the pump upon the opening and closing of a tap, valve or sprinkler for example. Please note that the Press Control may be fitted into the discharge line of a high pressure submersible pump, but it must be positioned in a dry location away from the vessel and must remain vertical in its installation.

*When using a self priming surface-pump the suction hose must be fitted with a foot valve. Further, we recommend the use of a floatswitch to additionally switch the pump off in the event of a depleted water level within the storage tank.



*The whole concept of harvesting rain is not a new one and has been used since Roman times. Up until  50 years ago rain harvesting was still extremely popular in this country. However, with the advent of cheap, readily available mains water, we seem to have forgotten about this valuable resource.

*Over the past decade all of our local water reserves have depleted enormously. Despite massive efforts by water service providers, we are, year after year, imposed upon by hose pipe bans and drought orders resulting in the consumer being unable to water the garden when they need it the most.

*Unfortunately this situation is only going to get worse with an ever increasing population and an ageing water supply infrastructure. By utilisation of an ‘A&C Pumps’ Rainwater Harvesting System the problem is sorted!


What size tank?

*When harvesting rainwater there are 3 main points to consider when choosing the size of your holding tank.

1.Anticipated annual rainfall

2.Anticipated rainwater usage (a hose running for one hour uses 500 litres)


*With a proposed bathwater/grey-water re-cycling system the size of the tank need only be of a volume required to water the garden for say 1 day assuming that it is replenished by the bath or shower water at the same rate and at the same frequency.


*Forta Duo Pump

*Reduce your water bills and help solve the water shortage problem by utilising rainwater through one of our systems. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you put everything together.


*There are many options available when thinking about what type of system to install. Every installation is vastly different so therefore would be subject to a site survey. In many situations, the best system is a packaged GRP underground tank. Not only can these tanks hold vast quantities of water but are also aesthetically pleasing as they are underground. As the water is kept out of sunlight and cool, it also stays fresher for longer.

*Once the water has been harvested, it is pumped out either to a dedicated tap or directly to a hose fitted with a trigger gun.