A & C Pumps offer full range of submersible pumps for water or sewage including submersible sewage pumps and effluent pumps, sump, cellar and basement drainage pumps and dirty water and sewage pumps.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our submersible pumps; they are reliable and have a long usage life providing an excellent solution to any problem. We stock top brands of submersible pumps including Pedrollo, ESPA, Faggiolati and more.

Our submersible pumps are suitable for private or commercial use and we can suit the purpose you are using it for and bearing in mind the budget.

Submersible pumps primarily must be dependable performing consistently and quietly in the background, working well under the water or in sewage with stainless steel parts allowing them to work in any environment or industry.

We would be happy to discuss our range of submersible pumps products and where practical we will do a site visit to ensure you have the right submersible pump for you.

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Submersible Pumps