Packaged Pumping Station

Packaged Pumping Station:

What is a packaged pumping station?

A packaged pumping station is a complete unit comprising of a chamber, pumps, pipework, valves, control panel and level control, all pre-assembled as a complete unit.

Packaged pumping stations Are primarily used in the private sector and are not commonly used by water authorities.

Packaged pumping stations come in varying sizes to suit the requirements of the flow and application.

Packaged Pumping Station

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Packaged Pumping Station

Single Pump Packaged Pumping Station

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Packaged Pumping Station Installation Guide

Health and Safety at Work

As with all site work, the dangers of working with water and electricity pose severe threats to health if obvious and fundamental precautions are not taken. Therefore if you are in any doubt to any of the following, please do not hesitate to contact us. All work should be undertaken by qualified personnel only.

Tank Installation

Very important note: this GRP Tank is a liner and must always be supported by a concrete base and concrete surround of adequate thickness for the ground conditions. Installation must be fully as per the following instructions

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