Pump Control Panels & High Level Alarms


Pump Control Panels & Equipment

At The Pump People we supply and install all of your packaged pumping station needs, such as float switches, alarms, and both single as well as twin submersible drainage pump control panels, either at 230V or 415V.

Our products include pump control panels for the following situations:

Single pump control panels in either 230v (1-phase) or 415v (3-phase)
Dual pump control panels in either 230v (1-phase) or 415v (3-phase)
Alarm systems – mains powered or battery powered (with or without battery back-up option)
Remote Telemetry Monitoring Systems – either GSM style (SIM card) or Landline style
ATEX / Intrinsically Safe Control Systems – for use in zoned / explosion risk areas

All the above systems are available from stock today

We are also able to manufacture ‘bespoke’ pump control systems, to suit ANY site conditions and / or requirements.

Submersible Sewage Pumps Usage

We stock a full range of sewage pumps including submersible sewage pumps, wastewater pumps, domestic sewage pumps, sewage pump systems, industrial submersible water pumps and submersible sewage pump with grinders that are principally used to drain sewage and dirty water for individual houses, housing estates and industrial units.

Submersible Sewage Pumps Range

Our full range of submersible sewage pumps can handle any type of property or situation, we can advise you on the right submersible sewage pump from our range to use.

Our submersible sewage pumps have cast iron pump bodies, the drive shafts are made of stainless steel to give them long life as standard construction so you can be sure on the longevity of our product.

Sewage Pumps Supplied & Fitted

All Manufacturers Models of submersible sewage pumps are supplied and fitted.